Friday, 26 August 2011

Egg Protein


So as you're about to discover I probably haven't quite nailed the routine for a homemade protein treatment.

Previously after researching Protein Treatments I tried a particularly strong one by Aphogee.
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If you read the results you'll see that it was way too strong for my hair. Its been at least 3 months since then so I figured now was a good time to try another PT but this time something more gentle.

However there's a few things Im still unsure of....
Should you pre-poo before a protein treatment? 
I don't know, but I did, using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and my favorite cheap conditioner (pictured below.)
I left that on over night...

Then I beat 2 eggs and began to apply - messily....

I divide my hair into 4-6 plaits before each wash.

I left the Egg on for about 30mins before rinsing it out. NOTE: ALWAYS RINSE OUT EGG WITH COLD WATER!! Otherwise it will scramble in your hair.

If the shampoo below looks a little random, it's because I was struggling to find a shampoo without sulphates that I thought could do the job of a clarifying shampoo in my local shopping centre. As you can see I  failed. LOL.

I was hoping maybe a clarifying shampoo would solve the scalp problems I mentioned (at this point I thought the problem may've just been a case of product build up), so this was the best I could find.

Again I'm not sure if trying to clarify your hair while doing a Protein Treatment is advisable but I was kinda desperate to do something as the scalp issues were getting on my nerves!

And if you're not keen to see what I mean my scalp problems, LOOK AWAY NOW! .... ... .... .... 


Sorry! Hope that hasn't put you off too much. I didn't notice anything amazing after this so Im gona write it off as a #Fail! But at least I know what not to do next time.

Just to let you know, this was alll done in July, since then I've had a lot more progress. Stay subscribed to find out how Im learning to save my scalp.
If you have any hints or tips on scalp issues please feel free to share them in the comment box below or on the Crystal Afro Facebook Page 

Coming Soon:
  • Apple Cider Vinger
  • Tea-Tree Oil
  • Root-2-Tip

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