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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Afrocenchix nite


The Afrocenchix night was a great experience. It was my first time attending a natural hair event. As you know the lovely Nwadi of Combing England For Afro Curls hooked me up with a ticket, for which I am truely grateful.
Although we missed the first hour, when we did arrive we were quickly engaged by the presentation being given by the Afrocenchix ladies Rachel & Jocelyn
Looking around the room there were SO many brilliant styles. It was like standing in a landscape of natural inspiration - just Brilliant! 
Infact check out the official pics here: Afrocenchix Photo Album
...and my photos from the night here: Crystal Afro's Afrocenchix Phot Album

The presentation was very informative, Im just sorry we missed the first part. The ladies took us through some potentially harmful ingredients such as Sulphates and Parabens, and explained exactly why they've been omitted from Afrocenchix products. One particularly important point they made was "just because a product says it's organic, DOES NOT mean it is!" 
*Beware #Teamnatural - my advice ALWAYS read the ingredients!*

Before the bar area became a consultation clinic, I managed to grab a cheeky gin'n'tonic, at which point the bar man highlighted that I was one of the only people who had asked for an alcoholic drink so far that night. So as a little side note Im asking you guys if going natural is synonymous with not drinking? And if so why? 

I think the consultations were free, which is always a good look for someone on my kinda budget right now. Similarly the food, which there was loads of, was also free; and I have to say the complimentary slice of cake at the end of the night was Gorgeous!

But back to the hair....The new range of Afrocenchix products looked and smelled good and I'm pretty sure the ladies must have made quite a few sales that night. To check the products out for yourself you can visit the Afrocenchix site here: Afrocenchix Products

There was some really good musical entertainment on the evening too. However one artist did attempt to cuss out the audience for being noisy during his set which didn't go down to well with some people who left as a direct result.
As an artist, I can understand the frustration of feeling as though your audience is distracted, but to be fair we were pretty distracted. The opportunity to meet and mingle with other naturals was a buzz for us. A lot of people wanted to talk about the products, the night itself and of course each others hair!

On a brighter note it was so good meeting so many other naturals, in real-life. (lol)
There were bloggers, vloggers, facebookers and tweeters who Iv been in contact with, followed or have themselves supported Crystal Afro/ United KinKdom, that I finally got to meet for the for the first time. It was so great, and everyone I met was EVEN MORE Beautiful in person.
I'll definitely be posting links to you ladies either here on the blog or on the Crystal Afro Facebook Page, so keep looking out.
Its so good to to see both the Unity and the Kinks of #Teamnatural UK expanding.

Although I didnt get a chance to talk to the Afrocenchix themselves, Im sure we will soon, and I look forward to it.
So once again a Massive WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS to 2 motivational and inspirational naturally beautiful women.
Crystal xx

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Check out all my photos from the night: Afrocenchix Photo Album

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