Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Natural Progression

Natural Progression
The natural hair thing really is a journey. I wasn't sure I liked the term at first but whether I like it or not I can definitely appreciate why so many of us use the term.
As you reflect on the way you were a little while ago, before u were natural and then realise where u are now it becomes apparent, almost visual, how far you've traveled.
Today I was on the tube and I saw my reflection and thought wow, I can't believe iv just left the house with my Afro hair out. I was wearing the results of a chunky braid out, which to be fair had turned out surprisingly ok, but still, the triumph was not so much the success of the style (although it helped) but more the self-assurance I was unconsciously expressing. A few years ago I would never have worn my natural hair out in public without it being tied back or plaited up. Now, more and more often Iv realised that iv been wearing my hair in pretty much free-form. Back in the day if I'd have seen someone wearing their Afro hair like mine, I would've been like "Rah! She's crazy, she must think she's got White hair!" (Its a difficult confession, but judgement and ignorance are 2 unattractive traits that I was definitely guilty of.Iv moved on since then I promise!)
In thinking that, I thought about just how many of my other friends might still think in the way I used to, and I wondered what had changed and realised it was more than just my hair. My mind has changed.
I don't like to place too much emphasis on star signs but maybe because I'm a Libra, I try to see things with a balance; so I was thinking, if I were one of my friends still "playing it straight" now, what would I think of me. I might think "oh the only reason she's happy to go natural is because she doesn't care about being pretty anymore."

I sat and thought about that for a second. Is the reason I'm happy to be natural simply because I don't care what I look like? If I'm honest yes AND no. No, because I care as much now as I did then about what I look like. Looking "pretty" may not be my number 1 priority but it matters to me just as much now as it ever did. But Yes, because although I care about looking pretty, I don't care about looking pretty by other people's standards.
If can find myself beautiful with my natural hair, then that in itself means Iv found something special.

But this is what I mean by a journey, as you go from day to day, week to week and GOD willing year to year, being natural you realise just how important something as basic as hair can be.
Some people call it a hair journey but I still don't know if I'll keep using that term. Personally it seems that my hair is one of the beacons leading me along a "life journey". There are many beacons that lead us along our journeys, Relationships, Schooling, Spirituality etc. Who knew my hair could be one of the brightest beacon of all.
I'm truly grateful for the paths of self-discovery my hair is leading me along.
 Thanks for reading. x

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