Tuesday, 5 July 2011

1st Chunky #Braidout

My 1st Chunky Braidout

Last Sunday I tried my 1st proper attempt at a Chunky Braidout.

My first ever twistout: #EpicFail
When I first went natural and tried the whole braidout and Twistout ideas. I'd heard of them and thought it sounded pretty straight forward, which they are when you know how. But when you're not sure of the small details, (almost like the small print of these styles) its very frustrating and hard to understand why something so, supposedly basic, goes wrong.

This was my 1st attempt at a #Twistout before I really new how to do them. When that failed I figured there was NO HOPE for a braidout.
Very dis-heartened at the failure of my 1st #Twistout

If you've read any of my previous post or seen pictures, you'll see I've come a long way with the twistouts, to the point where they've pretty much become my go-to-style for special occasions. (click here for My Twistout Routine)

The Chunky Plaits the night before.
So I figured it was time to upgrade and as I previously said I would, try something new. Enter the Chunky Braidout:
(Well this is embarrassing...) As you can see my Plaits are nothing cute. And lets not talk about the frizz, lol. This was previously a neat protective style but after 2 days plus 1 night without a headscarf this was the result.... urgh!

Straight after taking out plaits. #Braidout
Anyway its all about the end result, so when I took them out the next morning I was pleasantly surprised. They weren't perfect but they'd turned out good-enough to work with. I must admit that when I think my hair is less than perfect, I often play with it so much that I completely kill any chance it might of had of looking descent. So in this case it was quite good that I had to run to south London, I had no time to style it properly so I pushed on a thick hair band across the front and left it out pretty much as was. (It was this freedom that inspired my next post.)
Anyway once in South I had time to style my braidout. By this time though I'd been busy and the sun was banging so I was conscious that I may have sweated out some definition, but still I was gona work with it before heading out again, this time to a bbq....

When I got home I had time to try and take some better photos...

I'll definitely try it again soon and if the results are consistent stay tuned for a tutorial. Braidouts might become my new twistouts, lol.

You can view the whole Braidout Album here: Crystal Afro on Facebook: 1st Chunky Braidout Pics

Would love to know your thoughts x

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