Sunday, 19 June 2011

What Are The Odds?

What Are The Odds?
British Royals, Natural Coils & Afro Hair at Ascot

Earlier this week I went to the Royal Ascot horse races.
I've been going for 4yrs now to help my friend showcase his hats, but this year was special as it was my 1st time without wearing a weave.

 If you know about Ascot, you know the only odds I was counting on when it came to my #naturalhair, was being the odd one out. To give you a brief idea of Royal Ascot:

    •    Horses & Hats:

Royal Ascot is basically a big horse racing event that takes place every year.
The horses race, the bookies take your money - I mean bets, the men try to calculate the best odds and the women strut around in fancy outfits particularly Spectacular Hats!

    •    Very Posh:

It was started by Royalty 300yrs ago and till this day is still attended by the Queen & other members of the establishment aswell as various celebrities. (Having said that, if I manage to get in, it cant be that posh anymore, lol.)

The Queen, Princes Phillip & Charles, and Camilla arrive.
300 years on and I'd wager a bet that there's still more horses at one day of Ascot, than there are black faces to be seen there for the whole week. Maybe I'm exaggerating but, have a look at the pics and maybe I'm not LOL...

All the same its a fun day out.
However if you'd asked me what the odds are of spotting another black woman with natural hair - LMAO!! I wouldn't have fancied those odds much. So I hope you can imagine my absolute surprise when I spotted a cute little hat sitting neatly on a cute little Afro, travelling past me. I figured it be a disservice to myself and anyone who follows my blog, not to ask the only other woman rockin Afro hair at Ascot for a picture....

....ok, so now imagine my absolute, overwhelming, I can't actually form a sentence, shock, surprise and amazement, when the lady whose shoulder I just tapped turned out to be none-other than American Super Model & My 1st ever featured Afro Hair Inspiration - WAKEEMA HOLLIS!!
Wakeema Hollis & Me: Rockin Afro hair at Ascot

....OMG!! Still Speechless....
I was so startled that I could hardly say her name. In fact the first thing I said was "You look familiar..." (What a bloody Twaticus! lol). The funny thing was, when I did eventually manage to blurt out "YOU'RE WAKEEMA HOLLIS!" she seemed really flattered and surprised that I knew her name, lol.
Wakeema Hollis & Me
Understandably the chance meeting with Wakeema, made my day - and saved me money. I was so excited I didn't watch a single horse, race or place another bet after that. Instead I kept turning on my camera and looking at my pics with Wakeema.
I may've won nothing on the nags that day, but meeting Wakeema was like hitting a #NaturalHair Jackpot!
#Teamnatural at Ascot

  • Also, for more info on Fisher's incredible hats, check out his website:
Checkout pics of Wakeema Hollis on the AFROS & INSPIRATION Page on United KinKdom and on Facebook.


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  1. Love this piece about your day. Only this morning I was wondering the same thing about natural hair and Ascot. You both look lovely :) Emma


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