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Friday, 17 June 2011

#Teamnatural Celebrates...

(*Big Thank you to Everyone*)

Last week the New York Times Printed an article on the growing prevailence of Black women wearing their natural hair, particularly the growth of the Natural Hair Community online. (Click here to read the article: New York Times - Hair Care for African Americans

Natural Chica

Curly Nikki

The article noted that a growing number of Black Women are surfing the net to learn how to look after their natural hair. It highlighted 3 key players in the game including:
Natural Chica, Curly Nikki and Kim Love

I'm Pretty Sure most of you in #TeamNatural will have seen this the other week but as a fellow natural who is inspired by the ladies mentioned in the article I couldn't leave it un-noticed.
I wanna take a minute to Big these ladies Up, and say Well Done and Congratulations!
Sometimes, its all to easy to get too caught up in controversy and complaining with all the injustice that's out there, when it comes to attitudes towards us and our natural hair. So I think it's equally important to remember to celebrate the positive things that occur. That's why I'm happy about this article.
For the topic of #NaturalHair to make it into a such a high-profile paper is definitely and achievment. Its great to see #NaturalHair being acknowledged.
If you haven't already here are some videos and Links to each of the ladies. Check them out as I'm sure you'll be inspired...

The video below is by Natural Chica, she not only vlogs but also has a Facebook page and a website.
Click the link to go to Naturalchica.com
or here for Natural Chica on Facebook

 CURLY NIKKI's website is absolutely great for natural hair chat. From what I can see, she doesn't vlog herself but if you galavant through the site, she posts some brilliant hair vids that she does recommend and you can read her articles and even opt to be featured, so click the link to check her out: www.curlynikki.com

And Finally....
Kim Love aka KIMMAYTUBE. If you follow my blog you may already know that the first natural hair video I ever watched was Kim's Natural Hair Journey. A friend sent it to me when she heard I was thinking of going natural. You can find a link to that video on the United KinKdom - Recommend Viewing page. Below is another one of my favourite Kimmaytube videos.

The article also highlighted the financial achievements of the 3 featured ladies, which were all pretty amazing, so I hope this helps change the minds of those who thought of #NaturalHair as being unprofessional.

Shortly after the article was published, the UK paper, The Independent, picked up on it.
(To read the article click here: The Independent: Natural Hair Movement article)
Being British I guess I'm entitled to be a the harshest critic of my own backyard, so I will say that although the author appears to have been given a tight word count, they could've done a better job, not just of getting their facts right but also by maybe acknowledging those of us doin our thing here in the UK. I didn't think the UK article was  particularly great. It was pretty much a re-print of the original article in NYT, but whoever wrote the UK article still managed to get the information wrong; but at least it gave Natural Hair some coverage.
As for the work of us UK Naturals - Never mind, "soon come!" (as my uncle says) ...
For those who may not be aware of the growth of #Teamnatural in the UK, I've posted links to the first 2 UK Naturals I ever came across on my journey, and I still highly recommend them both!
The Natural Lounge 
The Natural Lounge
One of the first blogs I found by UK Natural, Angel Smith. It was amazing to read her profile as everything she said was exactly how I felt about being Natural in the UK. I recommend a visit to the Natural Lounge either the blog or on Facebook ASAP!
Click here for The Natural Lounge website
Click here for The Natural Lounge on Facebook
Lioness Mane
Lioness Mane
The Next lady I came across was Lioness Mane aka Lei Lei. Similar to Natural Chica she vlogs, blogs and has a facebook page & twitter also. Again, very inspiring and honest. Please check out her video below. 
Click here for Lioness Mane's Blog
Click here for Lioness Mane on Facebook

There are also many other great UK Natural sites and vids, which I'll probably try and feature on United KinKdom soon.
As long Natural ladies around the world keep supporting each other there'll always be reasons to celebrate!
On that note I'd Like to take a minute to say...
A Massive THANK YOU to everyone who has also been SUPPORTING CRYSTAL AFRO ON FACEBOOK....
Crystal Afro Celebrates over 100 "Likes" on Facebook
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Thank you so much everybody, hopefully it will be the 1st of many hundreds and I promise to do my best to keep it interesting, inspiring and helpful so that you keep liking it.
Please keep your comments and likes coming and keep spreading the love for #NaturalHair.

I did say that if we reach 100 Likes on Facebook that I would post a vid on youtube, so look out for the 1st #NaturalHair Vlog from Crystal Afro, coming soon!!
Just enough space to say a MAHOOSIVE THANKS AGAIN &