Saturday, 25 June 2011

Strongholds & Shake-ups

Natural Hair Strongholds & Shake-up
As my natural hair journey progresses I've realised I'll pick up and drop a lot of things a long the way. So I figure it was time to make a note of some of the shake-ups and the strongholds as I try to work out the perfect routine - after all, its nearly been 6 months.
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1st: Styling - Strongholds

The bane of and yet best part of being natural. My Top 3 Styling Tags are - in order of relevance:
3rd Place - #Twist-out
2nd Place - #Protective-Styling
1st Place - #LAZY-AS-HELL

OK, OK, So I no it's not good to be lazy but its also wrong to lie, so the truth is Im lazy sometimes, particularly when it comes to styling my hair.  We all know that if you want a really glam, sexy style it's gona take time and effort. All of which pays off, but unless Im goin somewhere real fancy I tend to keep my protective styles quick and simple.

Currently I base my protective styles on what I call the 3 Part Theory: A quiff sized section at the front and 2 sections behind.
What I do with the 2 sections behind varies depending on my energy levels. Sometimes I divide it into a further 2 sections or more. Here's my most recent example...

I always like to have a strand or 2 at the front

It's just a simple tidy style that gets me through the week so Im happy, and it doesn't take long to do.
When it comes to getting a little glam, well that requires a little more effort, but my lazy attitude of late has meant that I've pretty much stuck to the Twistout as my style for special occasions.

Lion King Cast Change Party
 As much as I love it, it's time to fix up and get more adventurous.

2ndly: Haircare - Shake-ups

After re-addressing my budget I had to kiss good-bye to the luxury that was my special deliveries of Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner. Instead I've been trying Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In.

A lot of naturals recommend it, and I have to say although its not as organic as KCKT its not packed with protein (which is the last thing my hair needs at the mo.)

Another change has been my shampoo. Despite using Keracare Sulphate-free shampoo, for the last 4 months, I was beginning to notice that once I rinsed it out my hair was feeling stripped. Not Cool! So I decided to try a stick to Co-Washes.
But after leaving it a week between co-washes, I realised the build-up was too much for the co-wash to handle.
So now, Im back to a the Keracare, but a very watered down version.

I deep condition after every wash, and since going natural I've been using Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner and it's worked great. But maybe because Im so used to it now Im not sure if it's still as good so I was asking online for a few suggestions of a new Conditioner and I've now settled on Aubery's Rose & Honeysuckle.

Similarly to the Cantu Shea Butter, it's highly recommended by a lot of naturals so we'll see how it goes. Unfortuately its a little more expensive than Keracare (but with the money saved from KCKT I can afford it, lol.)

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