Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rejected by Rimmel

Rejected by Rimmel

Solange Knowles

Rimmel has recently selected Solange Knowles as the new face of Rimmel Make-Up.
Well it took them long enough to find someone with an alternative skin tone!
As a born and bred Londoner I always wondered why the "London Look" never "looked" like anyone who happened to be an "other" race.

As much I want to congratulate them for selecting an icon who's not only black but also a natural haired beauty, my words of praise are kinda stuck in my throat, as I cant help but notice that Solange (love her, though I do) is definitely not from this side of the pond. In addition, she's lost the curls of her incredible afro!

I've got nothing but admiration for the place that Black American women, have carved out for themselves in society, and I'd be an ignorant fool if I ignored how much Black American women have influenced, inspired and ultimately help us Black women in the UK do the same.

None the less it'd be equally ridiculous to ignore the need for British Black Women to have British Black role models, or to pretend those we do have are given equal acclaim as other women.
So I have to admit, as happy as I am to see black beauty being celebrated I do feel like Rimmel has done us UK women a disservice.
There are a number of women from the UK that they could have selected to bring some diversity to their campaigns... Naomi Campbell,Alexandra Burke, Naomie Harris, Jordan Dunn,  Rochelle Wiseman, Estelle...
 .....Or my  personal favourite (aside from myslef - just kidding!) Shingai Shoniwa...

.... with whom they could have proudly made a statement about London's racial diversity, AND the beauty of Natural Hair...

Instead, Im left unrepresented by by a company that claims to represent me, mourning the loss of Solange's beautiful Afro mane, and ultimately feeling as though Rimmel has rejected the beauty of Black Britain.

(Click here for: Solange's Interview with Rimmel)

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