Tuesday, 21 June 2011

May Hair

#NaturalHair Update 
May Hair

Figured I should share a few recent hair pics just to stay up to date so these are a few pics from last month...

I woke up, I un-plaited,  and this was the result. I quite liked it...

Mwah xx
Good Morning...

Back in 1... I haven't tied my hair back for ages, or used gel to try and slick my whole head of hair....For something that looks so simple, I found it surprisingly difficult and had to resort to using a brush (which I haven't done in about 4months)...... 

ignore the mess :-s
This hairband broke later :-(

The #Teamnatural kids hanging around in Chinatown....

My friend's little #natural sister
haha She got shy, lol

He LOVES his Afro!

My Friend's son

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