Friday, 17 June 2011

Hair Diary 12th June 2011

Hair Diary 
June 12th 2011
Natural Hair Reveals my Shortcomings

Ok, at some point this month I'll be doing more #NaturalHair celebrating as I'll of been Natural for 6months!
But this is not one of my regular posts. If its titled Hair Diary, it means I'm getting deep and personal, lol. So...
Dear hair diary, is it possible that my hair has shrunk in the 6 months I've been doing this natural hair thing?
I've been gathering information and cross-referencing what I find to make sure its good advice. I don't know. I mean, in theory I know what I'm doin but is it actually working?
Is it possible those occasional nights where I havent wrapped my hair could be causing breakage? But then with a satin pillow case I thought I'd be alright... Or could it be that protein treatment I did that resulted in dry brittle ends, is now resulting in all those dry ends breaking off, and it's taking my length with it? 
There is another possibility I guess, I have a very poor diet which has actually got worse since January if Im honest. I need to eat more food - period! And drink more water, less alcohol and eliminate cigarettes! 
This, I guess is my mission. (The truth is so embarrassing! *cringe*)
I've also noticed that my scalp is getting dry and itchy, despite the fact I spritz everyday. Maybe those weeks when I forget or am too lazy to wash my hair mid-week, need to be stopped and I need to discipline myself back into my twice a week routine. 
But I need to find the right shampoo. Im beginning to feel as though the Keracare Sulphate-free shampoo might still be too strong for my hair, despite having no sulphates. I guess it's time to try something new today. When I decide, I'll get back to you. 
Crystal Afro x

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