Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Beauty Debate

Beauty Debate in London

Hi guys, I thought it was important to share this with you. Its a debate on Changing Beauty Concepts, taking place in London next month...

Sorry the pic might be a little small so the basic details are:
Featured speakers include: Pride Magazine representatives and Guardian writer Hannah Pool
Date: 9th July 2011
Venue: The Hub, 34B York Way, Kings Cross, London N1 9AB
Time: 1pm
Click here for the website and more information about Urban Enterprise Network: http://www.urban-enterprise.co.uk/events/

Crystal Afro is Attending
If you've ever read any of the articles on the Controversy & Curls Page you'll know that a number of articles and issues I've provided links to, have been written by featured speaker Hannah Pool, most recently the Cornrows non-traditional? article.
Part of the reason why many of us in #Teamnatural are so passionate about what we do, is because we know we're up against the very serious challenge of mis-conceptions which result in many black people failing to realise their true beauty.

I cant wait for the debate and I've also registered for my ticket today.

Hope to see you there UK Naturals.

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