Monday, 2 May 2011

Ultra Black Growth II by Cathy Howse Book Review

Ultra Black Hair Growth II
Cathy Howse 

*Book Review*

Although I liked this book, of the 3 I read (Click here to see all 3 books) it was my least favourite. 
This book was OK. The biggest disappointment about this book was the lack of references. Dispite Howse' emphasis on "common sense" and 'fact" I often felt that most of her points appeared to be based on opinion. She presents arguments that are said to be based on what "scientists have said" or "proved" but no specific references to these scientists, thus leaving me unable to varify the information or "facts" for myself.

Howse does however have some very helpful facts but because she chooses to place her emphasis on other information, some of the more important info slipped my notice until the 2nd time I read the book.

If you're intending to continue using a lot of appliances or continue relaxing your hair, then of the 3 books, I would recommend this one the most. Howse offers a lot of advice and info on using appliances and for people who wish to relax their hair. This wasn't particularly relevant to my plans with my hair, but information is always better than ingnorance i guess. 

Out of ten I'd rate this book...

What's your opinion?

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