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Shame On Glamour Magazine - Why I Support Everyone In #TeamNatural

Shame On Glamour Magazine - Why I Support Everyone In #TeamNatural

Ok so I heard about Glamour Magazine UK releasing their Top 50 Best Dressed Women 2011 List, and I have to say I was disappointed (Click Here for a link to the complete list on Glamour's Website: Glamour Mags Best Dressed List 2011).

Apparently it was voted for by the readers, but I dont read Glamour, so I guess that doesn't help BUT!!! That DOES NOT in my opinion excuse the LACK OF DIVERSITY in this list!

Oh My Gosh! The only 2 black women who made the list were Rhianna and Beyonce.... 

 Rhianna fell from 2nd to 6th place this year....

while Beyonce fell from 12th to 36th place...hmmm.
Am I supposed to be happy? Dont get me wrong, the tiniest hint of diversity is better than none at all BUT for 2 years running ONLY having Bee & Rhi as the ONLY 2 black women on the list begins to feel a bit questionable, or maybe ignorant - as in your ignoring a vast majority of succesful and stylish black females! 

I mean if you can find space on the Best Dressed Woman List, for Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes daughter  who came 21st place), who is a CHILD! You must be able to find at least a couple other black women to sqeeze on the list, maybe at least 1 with Natural Hair...Maybe...Just 1??

Suri Cruise: Source

There's enough of us out here celebrating black celebs with natural hair, look at my Afros & Inspirations page or anyone elses. 
Im aware there's a lot more mainsteam celebs rocking weaves than natural but they are out there, and plus you're the magazine, Glamour, you should be helping us!


I only looked at the list to see if there might be at least 1 black female with Natural Hair...but No! 
No Change there then, which is exactly why I do my blog and I'll keep supporting everybody else in #TeamNatural, doing their thing, whether its Blogging, or simply Being Seen!
Its all important for the exact reasons talked about in the Voice Newspaper article I posted where "UK-based hair, make-up and skincare consultant Eryca Freemantle" speaks about why many some Black Women continue with damaging hair processes, stating:

''some black women often subject themselves to risky hairstyle practices to either follow the fashion, give in to societal pressure or because of low self worth linked with images on television, which she said often tell black girls that they are more beautiful if they have a more Caucasian look.
“Our research has made us aware that the problem with Women of Colour sometimes goes very deep; much deeper than just wanting to have long hair, thicker hair.  Sometimes it’s the pressure of society. 
In the UK, we do not have many role models in society that represent Women of Colour, and if we do they tend to be wearing hair extensions, weaves, wigs etc.
“There are only a few, actually maybe two or three in the media that look like me. Based on that some Women take extensions and weaves a little over the top, whereas many wear them because it just makes life a lot easier.
Commercials and the media reflect white women to be beautiful and superior to Women of Colour. Of course there is going to be a deep-rooted complex for some women seeing this. ....(continued)...She added that too many black women have grown up seeing white girls or girls with lighter skin tones receive better treatment – even if it is getting to play the princess in the local school play. At a very young age, the black girls (are being subconsciously told) that they were not worthy of being the main character in their class plays, and the boys were made to understand unconsciously that black girls were not that pretty.''  
(For my post and the full article Click Here: The Voice Newspaper on Black British Womens Hair Loss)

Personally I think there's a lot to be said for Eryca Freemantles comments and I think seeing Glamour's Best Dressed List supports her statements
I also agree with her closing statement:
“Some say beauty is just skin deep, but it is actually an economical and political factor... We should maintain our hair and our natural given beauty by being a little more gentle on ourselves. .... Only we can make the difference in the beauty industry for ourselves.”
 Again the reason why the list bothered me so much is the same reason that motivates me to Blog, Facebook and Tweet about Natural Hair and is again, the same reason why, like I say, I support everybody else who's part of #TeamNatural doing their thing! Because otherwise:

"What does the black spectator identify with when his/ her mirror image is structurally absent or present only as Other?" (Kobena Mercer, 1996)

Its important to recognise and appreciate ourselves as beautiful and everyone in #TeamNatural gets my support cos we're doing an important job of picking up where, the media, history and the mainstream left us off. 
Luv Crystal Afro xx

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  1. Maybe it's because Natural people don't tend to read Glamour, so wouldn't have voted? I'd bet that most of them wouldn't even know who Esperanza Spalding is - I probably wouldn't if I didn't read natural blogs either!

  2. I do agree with you on that subject..whenever there is a best dressed list or sexiest list..there is rarely a the same set of people all the time..& some you have never heard of.


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