Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Twistout at The Lion King Cast Change Party 2011

 #NaturalHair at The Lion King London, 
Cast Change Party May 2011
Pictures from yet another weekend of partying. This time I was with my old work mates at the Lion King London, Cast change party. In my 4 / 5 years of attending these, I've never had a weave free picture of myself, until now.

 What was even better to see were how many other girls, were going natural and proud. 

I think it does a lot to see black female performers rocking their #NaturalHair. Hopefully the more often we see it, the more people will learn to stop thinking of haing natural hair as having a bad hair day, and learn to equate #Naturalhair with being Glamourous and Sexy.

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  1. Wow you are all gorgeous sisters! Yes the 'natural pride' is fabulous you are all radiant!

  2. Thank you very much N'na *Blushing*. lol. xx

  3. Wow, must have been amazing to work at the Lion King. Thanks from Lion King Tickets London for this post.


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