Saturday, 7 May 2011

Natural Hair Insprations

 KELIS: Natural Hair Inspiration

So this is just a quick post to share some of my favourite pictures of Kelis rockin' her curls. She's definitely one of my favourite icons for more than her hair. 
These are just a few photos from the Kelis Natural Beauty Album on the Crystal Afro Facebook Page which has a lot more of my favourites...Click here: Kelis on Crystal Afro Facebook

I think her use of colour and her creativity make her incredibly beautiful.

 It's so rare to see Kelis do simplicity in black & white but it still looks so intense and draws me in. Love seeing her play with her hair as well.

 Loved the Twists in the Trick Me Video and its whole Caribbean feel - speaks to my Caribbean heart lol

From long to short and always looking glamourous and sexy.

One of my favourite things about Kelis was that she wasn't afraid to wear her hair BIG and BOLD and it complimented her personality and music. It threw some much need variety in to pop culture which can become dangerously saturated with sleek and smooth ideals.

In conclusion: I miss Kelis in curls (but I still love her)!
Check out the full Kelis Inspiration Album Here: Kelis Natural Beauty on Crystal Afro Facebook!

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