Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Lazy Quiff

My Lazy Quiff

After wearing my Twistout for the weekend it was time to go back to protective stying for the week.
I had a random thought/ vision,  before I got fact I think I was still semi-asleep lol... and this quiff was the closet I could get to re-creating it....

Thought I'd share some photos....I liked it cos it was a good way to tuck away most of my ends, but also make the most of a messy twistout. Makes a change from the usual Afro-puff I usually do when a twistout gets old. 

It wasn't as easy as I thought, but maybe if my hair were longer it'd be easier.
It took a lot of bobby-pins and a brush (sounds obvious but I rarely ever use anything other than my wide-tooth comb - trying to keep manipulation to a minimum.)

I guess I called it a "Lazy Quiff" to remind myself that it's not meant to be too neat. Sometimes it's good to keep it neat but sometimes there's beauty to be found in imperfection.

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