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Hair Diary April 2011 - Protein Treatment Results

Protein Treatment Results
Hair Diary April 2011

Last month I did a feature article on Protein Treatments (click here for the article: Protein Treatments) to find out more before trying one for myself.
The most commonly mentioned PT i came across was the Aphogee 2 Step:

I decided to give it a try. Most of my research had said that this is a VERY Strong PT, and some reviews had even advised against using it unless experiencing Severe breakage. 

My results:
HHhhhmm, this feels difficult to write about but I guess I gotta be honest...

The treatment: 
The actual product smelled horrible and was VERY runny, like practically water consistency runny! It was very difficult to apply. Also, combing it through the hair was difficult too as it made my hair feel quite dry quite quickly. The comb was kinda squeaking through my hair. Plus there was the added pressure of combing the product through quickly before it began to set. 
Once the treatment sets you MUST NOT comb or manipulate the hair as it is extremely vulnerable to breakage at this stage.
I left it on for at least 20 mins and used a blowdrier on a low heat to help it dry faster. 

After spending about 30mins rinsing it out, I then used the Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer Conditioner, which is the recommended 2nd step...But, as Im very skeptical of other conditioners, I wasn't convinced that leaving the Aphogee on for 2mins would condition my hair enough, so I left it on under a plastic cap and applied heat for about 10mins before rinsing. 
Then, as Im so used to Deep conditioning with my Keracare, I DC with my usual Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner for about 25mins.

The Aftermath:
I didn't notice any difference in how my hair felt straight after the treatment.

5 days later I did my usual routine wash and DC (Click here for my routine)
It was the first time noticed that some of my ends were feeling a little dry, also I wasn't sure but I thought I noticed more breakage.

In the weeks following my thoughts seemed to have been confirmed and more noticable! 
My ends felt a lot drier and were a lot more frizzy, and I have a lot more breakage since the PT, despite my attempts to regularly deep condition. The shaft of the hair did feel stronger I think, but Im not sure I can feel major benefits.

In those weeks following the PT the ends began to really bother me so I tried a few things including dipping the ends in castor oil and tucking them under overnight, using my Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In, and also continuing to use my Daily Leave-In Conditioner Mix (click here for: Daily Leave-In Mix) but Im not getting much joy..

- It's possible I didn't do the treatment correctly, although I honestly followed all the instructions so I cant work out what I could've done wrong. 
- It's also possible that I could be protein sensitive.
- Or, maybe this protein treatment is just too strong for me?? 

Who Knows, but right now Im thinking that my main focus needs to be on keeping my hair conditioned. 

Whats your opinion?

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