Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Grow It! by Chicoro Book Review

Grow It!
*Book Review*

This book was probably my favourite of the 3 (click here to see all 3 books) in terms of growth guidance.
I thought it was good that Chicoro made clear that her book is heavily based on her opinion from her experiences, whilst also offering a very competent list of references.
Chicoro gives very clear yet detailed instructions. However the only thing that did confuse me slightly were her detangling explanations - i couldn't work out whether it was best to dentangle my hair when it was wet or dry; but everything else was very clear. I especially liked that Chicoro wrote about Protein Treatments as I knew very little about them until this book. (That's where I got the inspiration for April's feature article click here: Protein Treatments.) My favourite thing about this book is that she does a very good job of addressing the mind-state necessary for embracing natural hair.
I definitely would have liked to see more images in this book; in particular I felt it was a shame that the book contained no images of the author's natural hair (besides the front cover). There was a picture of Chicoro wearing her hair straight but I think seeing the natural spirals of other women's hair is one of the most inspiring things that ladies going natural can share.

Overall it was very encouraging, with easy to follow advice that appears sensible and genuine.

Out of ten, I've rated this book...

What's your opinion?

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