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Dr Fool-Fool's Diagnosis: Why Are Black Women Less Attractive?

Dr Fool-Fool's Diagnosis - Why Are Black Women Less Attractive?

Last week the so-called "dr" Satoshi Kanazawa or as I prefer to call him "dr fool-fool", made the news for his suggestions that
 "Black Women Are Less Physically Attractive Than Women Of Other Races".
The dr's post

In his research which he based on the results of an online poll (WTF! I know - how profoundly scientific! smh) he states it's probably because we are:
  • Are Heavier
  • Have more Genetic Mutations 
  • Have higher Levels of Testosterone
(Saartjie Baartman: History holds more answers)
What exact mutations?
What exact mutations?
FYI dr Fool-Fool, this androgynous look was deliberate, but it IS possible to be androgynous and strikingly beautiful

His comments have sparked a Race Row, and a whole lot of controversy.
My Conclusions: 
Although he didn't mention hair I think his comments are directly related to why we in #teamnatural do what we do.
The problem with these statements is that they have dangerous potential not just to affect how other people view Black women, but to affect how Black women view themselves. These comments contribute to the disproportionately large, historic catalogue of circumstances where black women are under-valued in western society.

If 90% of the women celebrated for their beauty are white (and always have been)...if you're constantly being told negative things about your appearance...when you have no images of others like yourself to identify with besides demeaning or stereotyped depictions - its likely to lead to a feeling of inferiority.
Classic Hollywood Stereotyping
Comments such as dr fool-fool's encourage ridiculous concepts of superiority and inferiority which only creates DIVISIONS. Division between Black women and women of other races, as well as Black women and men.

Why are dr fool-fool's comments relevant to #teamnatural?
The truth is he monitored the opinions of people from western society where not all, but a large number of Black women dont even recognise themselves as beautiful, without adhering to European ideals, in particular straight hair.

 If Black women are struggling to see themselves as beautiful it's no surprise that others may not see them as beautiful either. 

The truth is, based on his poll, a certain section of people from a certain section of the world, are less attracted to Black women. This however does not mean its a fact that black women are less attractive. 
If he polled another section of people in another part of the world, his conclusion (in Lehman's terms) would be left spinning on its head, without a leg to stand on.

As for his theories, clearly a weak and embarrassingly desperate attempt to support his inflammatory title, but unfortunately for dr fool-fool, his work is void of crucial research, without which he is unable to accurately analyse the results. Consequently he cannot posses any sort of conclusive evidence. His theory is flawed, and essentially worthless.

Without acknowledging that attractiveness is a matter of opinion, and opinions are influenced by society/ culture, he failed to acknowledge the most important factors affecting the poll.

In a society where eurocentric beauty ideals have dominated for centuries and continue to do so, his results come as no surprise, but his reasons are surprisingly flawed for someone of such academic status.

In conclusion dr fool-fool, I must emphasis that attractiveness is definitely a matter of opinion, as Im sure there's probably someone out there who'll find you attractive, but if I polled most of my followers, I dont think you'd get great results (just guessing).

Dr Satoshi "Fool-Fool" Kanazawa

Everybody is beautiful, even if everybody else doesn't recognise it, because we're all individuals and we're not all meant to be the same - FACT!

Finally, #Teamnatural and anyone reading this, the reason I do this blog and the reason I support all the other people celebrating #Naturalhair is so that one day black women's beauty won't merely be exoticized (like the Black men & Asian women, who topped the poll) but will be seen and celebrated equally with any other race.
So thank you to any and everyone supporting #Teamnatural and the beauty of Black women, regardless of race or gender. 
And even THANK YOU to to the Dr - Thank you for re-enforcing my determination in #Teamnatural. I have to go hard to combat people like you. 
But mostly thank you because through your attention-seeking arrogance you have revealed your ignorance and in doing so, the possibility of you being allowed to continue mis-educating minds is likely to be removed.

(I could say so much more on the matter but I think I'll close here.)

For more in depth coverage of the article check the links below for the newspaper coverage, the report (be prepared for some of the responses you may read, I found many of them very ignorant and upsetting):

What's Your Opinion?

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  1. I just read this and I feel so sad at the way we have been degraded.I'm #teamnatural too.it was when I found out I was pregnant I decided to learn about caring for my hair.where I come from,natural hair is mostly seen as "village girl hair" or bad hair.The definition of good hair means caucasian straight.when I realised I could have a girl(though I gave birth to a boy),I thought to myself I didn't know anything baout how to care for my hair except what I've learnt online in d past 3-4 years.I have nothing against relaxers though.But I'm against the idea that our hair is "not good hair".I'm tender headed and I just plain got tired of the relaxers so I figured I better start taking care of my matural texture.Because I didn't want to subject my child(if it was a girl) to relaxer cruelty.I wanted her to see herself and everything about her as beautiful.I cut off all my relaxed ends and I had a sense of freedom.I'm learning to love myself all over again(and that includes accepting my hair).I just hope people don't read this and fall further into the traps of "unpretty".At some point we all have to take resposibility for the parts we have played in this.Because as somebody I know will say"nobody can make you inferior without your consent".So I say,let's stop giving "them" the weapon to make us inferior.We are incredibly BEAUTIFUL:colour,hair and body type


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