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Ok this post is coming a bit late but I think it's still definitely worth it.

For Individual book reviews and Ratings click the links below, but for an overall review and comparison of all 3 books, continue reading...

So as I mentioned in the post Special Deliveries I was really happy to get my 3 natural hair books I'd ordered:

  • Ultra Black Hair Growth by Cathy Howse
  • Grow It! by Chicoro
  • Going Natural by Mireille Liong-A-Kong

Ultra Black Hair Growth II by Cathy Howse

So my honest opinion on the books...
Ultra Growth II and Grow It! were good because they're really quick reads. You could probably finish both in a day. 
It took me about a week but I'm a very slow reader.
After reading all 3 there was a lot of the same info.
This was actually a good thing as all the basic information in one book tends to be supported by the others, which helps reassure me of the reliability of the information I'm reading. However this wasn't always the case and there are issues where the authors have opposing ideas.
Overall I still felt it was worth reading all the books as they each emphasise and expand on various topics in different ways. For example, on the subject of Trimming:

  • M. L-A-Kong - briefly suggests trimming the ends to reduce tangling.
  • C. Howse - Places emphasis on her belief that trimming is completely unnecessary.
  • Chicoro - Offers the "Goal Point Method" which describes a measured / carefully monitored approach to trimming. 

Grow It! by Chicoro

Although I felt it was worth reading them all, I would point out that I also think it's important to bare in mind what you want from your hair. Grow It! and Ultra Black Hair Growth II are focused on length, whereas Going Natural is more about getting to know Afro hair and learning what the options are, and how to look after it without chemicals.

Going Natural by Mireille Liong-A-Kong

My main Criticisms of the books would have to be:

  • Science -  I felt all the books could have offered more detailed and scientific images and explanations of the Afro hair shaft.
  • Photos - I also felt all could have had more photos in general, either of themselves or using models as examples. But in particular I would've like to have seen more photos of the authors' natural hair when their hair has NOT been STRAIGHTENED!!

what's your opinion?

For the review of each specific book in more detail and my rating out of 10 click the link under the photograph of the book you want to know more about. 

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  1. Hey! If you are interested in a more scientific take on black hair, check out this book: The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair care by Audrey Sivasothy. Just released 2 weeks ago!

  2. OOoh thank you so much! I'll definately be checking that out!
    Thanks xx


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