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Saturday, 30 April 2011



Originally I planned to write 2 Feature articles this month.
The 1st focused on PROTEIN TREATMENTS (<-- click to read)...
...The 2nd was intended to be this one about VITAMINS, however if I tried to cover ALL the vitamins, their benefits, their risks, and their sources this would end up being an incredibly long post.

So instead this post is just a brief list of the most common vitmains that I've found to be recommended for healthy hair growth, and an introduction to the future vitamin articles to come, where I'll focus on each of these and more individually....

TOP 12 Most Commonly Recommended VITAMINS for Hair:


  1. Vitamin A
  • Oil production
Milk, Liver
  1. Vitamin B Complex
  • General healthy growth
  • prevent dandruff
  • improve circulation
  • moisturising hair root
Bananas, whole grain foods, dairy, avocado,
  1. Vitmain C
  • Helps Iron absorption
  • fight toxins
  • improve circulation
Red peppers, citrus fruits
  1. Vitmain E
  • help immune system
  • improve circulation
Avocado, spinach
  1. Folic Acid
  • Cell renewal
Leafy vegetables, oranges
  1. Vitamin H (aka Biotin)
  • Cell growth
  • protein formation
Liver, Cauliflower
  1. Iron
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Increase circulation
Spinach, Beef, Oats, apricots
  1. Magnesium
  • Healthy muscles
  • Helps biochemical processes in body
Oats, Halibut,
  1. MSM
  • Extend growth phase
  • Helps collagen & keratin production
Seafood, fresh fruit, raw veg
  1. Protein
  • Overall hair growth
Meat, Eggs
  1. Silica
  • Mineral absorption
Whole wheat
  1. Zinc
  • Stimulates Hair Growth
  • cell renewal
  • oil production
Chickpeas, Beef

 Hope this is helpful to everyone.
Luv Crystal Afro xx

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