Monday, 28 March 2011


Happy Endings (or at least soft ones)

I received my Hair Books in the post the other day SSOOO EXCITED!!
Book reviews definitely coming soon!
Also the Kinky Curly – TOO EXCITED!!

Anyway, been reading Ultra Black Hair Growth II, and after taking the hint to focus on the ends of the hair, the paranoia of my ends being dry kicked in. So I did as suggested and deep conditioned my hair with Organic APH Triple Miracle Hair Treatment, and then for the next 2 days, moisturised the ends of my plaits with Castor Oil

I don’t know if it was the deep conditioning or the castor oil but they felt MUCH BETTER…like REALLY SOFT!

Reading the book has also encouraged me to go back to my original plan of washing my hair at least Twice a week; so I tried a co-wash yesterday.
(A “co-wash” is when you wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo.)

This time I used the “Grow It” method of washing that I read about in Grow It by Chicoro

This basically involves Detangling the hair with your Fingers and Sectioning it into a few loose plaits before Washing hair while it’s in these Plaits. Then adding Conditioner, which you then Comb Through each section and Re-plait.

Sounds long BUT its actually not that bad, as the hair’s already detangled so the comb-through is quick and easy.
The most time consuming thing is detangling with your fingers before the wash.

However the BREAKAGE was REDUCED A LOT!!!
So much so that I think I’ll definitely be using this way again.

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