Monday, 28 March 2011


 Natural Revelations & Realisations

Today I went out to meet some even older friends that I haven’t seen for a really long time. It was cool. (Below: 2 Old Pics)

I got the idea for the style from a Natural Hair video by My Kinks & Curls which I found via The Natural Lounge. Both are sites by UK Naturals, and the links and the video are posted below:

It’s similar to the kimmaytube style, but it doesn’t need the hair slides to hold it as it’s cainrowed.
I used the hair slides anyway cos my edges are mad fluffy! My cainrows aint too neat but Im learning - lol.

I’ve realised my edges are so fluffy because they’re only just growing back from when I used to relax my edges to blend with my weaves. Consequently they’re now growing back from some horrible breakage, so they’re at a length that’s hard to catch or control. 

Aahh, the trials and tribulations of transitioning!

In the club, the 2 strands of hair that I like to leave in front of my face, frizzed out from the humidity! Hahaha.
But it didn’t phase me cos I had my back-up bobby pin.
Look closely - My FRIZZED OUT front strands, lol.
My friends weren’t really phased by my natural look, they just said I look like me in year 7 again, but with better skin; compliment – I think, lol.

Thinking about the fact that to my friends I’ll always be me, regardless of my hair, was kind of a reminder to me to be careful not to assume that the rest of the world has a hang-up with my hair.

I’ve got to be careful: sometimes it’s not the rest of the world critiquing my hair, sometimes my harshest critic is me.

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