Thursday, 31 March 2011



When I got home last night I figured a good way to detangle the gelled hair and prep it for wash, would be to saturate it with moisture (as suggested by Chicoro).
I tried to do a Hot Oil Treatment but ended up having to mix loads of different oils cos I kept running out, but my main base was Almond Oil.

I microwaved the oils in a little pot – BUT I’ve since found out is not recommended as microwaving can change the oils properties; it was all a MESS!

I was dipping the ends in, pasting from root to tip with a brush… One whole oily head of twists later, I covered my head with a plastic cap, wraped in a satin scarf and went to bed.


Tried to wash my hair this morning but it all went HORRIBLY WRONG....

The Wash:
I undid the twists and re-sectioned the hair into my regular wash plaits – roughly 2 plaits per quarter of the head. I then gave the hair an Extra Long Rinse to get all the excess oil out.
I shampooed with Keracare Humecto sulfate-free shampoo, then rinsed.
I then combed through the the Keracare moisturising conditioner which I mixed with a little of the Keracare Stimulating conditioner and re-plaited. There was only JUST enough.
I applied heat but wore a Plastic Bag instead of a plastic cap (as some of my caps have melted when I apply heat. Kmt.)
Then I rinsed out my hair again… or so I thought.

I began to add my KCKT but as I combed it though I could see SO MUCH RESIDUE on the comb!!


I was Out Of Conditioner AND I had to leave for work in just over an hour! PANIC & SO PISSED!!

I wanted to ignore it so badly, but I couldn’t.
I undid all the plaits, rinsed and shampoo my hair while it was out in one Big Fro – thank goodness the Keracare shampoo is such a good detangler!

There was basically No More Conditioner so I chucked on what drops I could and topped it up with some Herbal Essences Anti-Breakage instant Conditioner (generally for European hair). It smelt real nice but it wasn't the real conditioning Im used to.


Anyway, rinsed, towel blotted and straight in with the KCKT, combed through, plaited into sections and sealed.

I  left it for 5 minutes then undid the plaits and styled…

Aaahhh Man!

It is NOT COOL when a wash goes wrong!

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