Sunday, 27 March 2011


Do Sisters REALLY Support Each Other?
(The Morning After My Evening Out)

It went pretty well last night. 

I can't lie though, some of the initial reactions were ones of silence or oblivion.
Maybe that’s a good thing maybe a bad thing. Maybe some people genuinely noticed something was different but didn’t clock straight away what it was.

Question: Is it strange that I noticed that the most embracing comments about my hair came from my white female friends…but my black friends and white male friends seem a little more reserved at first??
I don’t know what that was about.

That’s not to say I didn’t get compliments from my black friends but I was surprised at the number of black friends who seemed shocked into silence as opposed to having not noticed. 

Having said that, I was surprised by the number of black female friends, who not only encouraged me but said how much they really wanted to do the same.
I know how they feel.

Why is being us, something we have to get the courage to do?


  1. Well your friends are certainly a lot nicer than most even those who were silent. Sadly the truth is that there is social conditioning which feeds the idea that natural hair is not normal when in truth it is the most normal of hair styles.

    As a veteran natural of over 10 years, the one thing I can tell you is that the only person who has to live with your hair is you and therefore the only person's opinion or view that you should care about is your own. (lol can you tell that I am a veteran :))

  2. I love your comment JC. You're soo right, how I feel is definitely the most important thing.

    It was funny though having people who have the same hair type as mine but have either hidden it under weave or straightened it, looking at me like "why's she got her hair like that?". But like u said, natural hair is the most normal! Lol x


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