Saturday, 26 March 2011


Evening - 1st Reveal To Friends

 Since taking my hair out of the plaits I had this morning, I feel much better. 
In fact Im really pleased with the curls. They're even more defined than yesterday.

As much as love the curls today, I wasnt quite sure what to do with them LOL. 
I tried the Kimmaytube tuck under and I was quite pleased...

 Here's the link to the Kimmyatube video I watched for this style, but with a few "Crystal" modifications:

Tonight Im going out and Im gona see a lot of old friends who’ve only ever known me with straight hair or weaves.

I’m so nervous about how I look and what they’ll say.

On the other hand, I feel proud of how I look today. I just pray that my style holds, and I hope I put some spare hair pins in my bag (lol).

It does feel good to have styled my natural hair – my own hair!
It also feels crazy and almost risky.
(Please LORD let my hair look lovely tonight, all night, all evening, Amen.)

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