Friday, 25 March 2011


Me v.s My High Street
Yesterday I walked out with my afro-puff.
I felt it looked good and was pretty happy with it. Infact, very happy with it! 

The crazy thing was, as I walked down the street there were certain things I noticed.

Literally, if you walk 3 minutes down my main road there’s… let me think….there’s 4 possibly 5 black hair dressing shops. It made me wonder how often they style natural hair.

For the most part I see what you’d expect: weaves getting put in or relaxers being done.
Its just an interesting thought to me: How often do black hair-dressers actually deal with black hair? ... Like, from the beginning of the style to the end.

(I definitely think there’s a possibility of some sort of community arts project with all these salons – I’ll keep thinking.)

The other thing I noticed on my High St was how many other women my age wear weaves or have relaxed hair? (That’s what inspired my 1st Poll.)

In my short trip down the street, I looked around and felt unique.
It’s crazy cos I definitely cant claim to be original because of my hair, every black girl out there has type 4 hair of some sort (I think). So how can I be so unoriginal and yet so unique.

It’s weird cos I don’t have anything against weaves or even people who relax their hair, cos everyone manipulates their hair in some way. Its just that I think black women should feel more confident about wearing their own hair naturally, and maybe if it was something that was seen more often we’d all help to encourage each other to take pride in our natural hair and encourage other people to acknowledge and accept it.
That’s what I working on…

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