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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Bless'ed Scarf

I preped my hair in plaits last night so my hair was ready to wash. Nothing neat, just 9 fat lazy sections.
But I didn't wash it.
I got stuff to do today so I dont want to take out my detangled plaits to try and style em, just to re-section and detangle tonight...so what do I do???

Actually it's just a regular Primark scarf that seems to work well as a head scarf when I need it, yay!

HOTT MESS!!     

So from this...

.....................        .........         .........

To this...

I feel better now. Im leaving!

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  1. lol lol lol!! love it! Want to get the scarf! It's just I don't know the technique of wrapping (except Nanas way...lol!) you need to show me


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