Saturday, 5 February 2011


Day 3:

I used "Organic Root Stimulator: Olive Oil Edge Control" to slick my edges. I like it cos it not like gel but it does as good a job. 

Not much change to the style tho as you can see. The only thing I did was refresh 2 of the cainrows that were looking a little messy.

(My friend was on the phone for a while lol)

(Gettin all the goss')

From The Back: I just tied the twists lower instead of so high up on my head like day 1 & 2.
1 twist breaking pins necessary!

And Finally........ Day 4:

Just let my twist loose for a kind-of "bob" effect.

Let me know what you think?
Lataz, Luv Crystal Afro x

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  1. really cute hair and blog mine is a hot mess!


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