Saturday, 5 February 2011

1st Snips

Im now into my 2nd week of Au Naturale! And it was Definately time to trim my ends. 
I had so many damaged and split ends aswell as the texturised ends, that HAD TO 2 GO!!

So I when down to Brixton and brought a pair of hair scizzors for £2.50 (aswell as some other stuff. It's hard to behave in the hair shop. - guilty blushes!)

  • I washed my hair, blow-dried it out, sectioned it off and began.
  •  I only trimmed tiny sections of hair at a time, but I had to loose A LOT of length :-( 
  • Almost feel like im rockin' a TWA!
  • It was unfortunate but SO necessary. 
  • Now all I can do is PRAY my hair grows back stronger and longer...AMEN! 

After trimming I put my hair in some fat cainrows (should of photographed 'em, but trust me they were nothing fancy.)
They were in for about 1 day before I took them out this afternoon and tried an Afro Puff....

FINALLY>>> FOR ONCE>>> I was Happy with my AFRO PUFF :

I've still got some texturised ends to cut off, but slowly slowly.
(oh yea, on the phone again sorry! lol)

Lataz, Luv Crystal Afro x

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