Thursday, 27 January 2011

INTRODUCING Black Hair In London by Crystal Afro

Welcome to my blog: Black Hair In London by me Crystal Afro.

This is my 1st Ever post on my 1st Ever blog. (Yay!)
I've started this blog to coincide with what I feel is KINDA the start of my "Natural Hair Journey". 
 So here's what I hope for this blog to be like and be about (in brief):

I hope Black Hair In London can be:
  • somewhere I can find and share Inspiration. 

  • somewhere to Gather and Share Information about Afro hair.

  • somewhere to Confront and Address Issues regarding Afro hair.

Sounds simple but just like my hair it can actually be quite a big thing!

Where Im at Now:
Im 26yrs and Im a born and bred London girl. I love learning about all cultures but obviously I have a passion for my own culture which is a combo of both Black and British (in its simplest terms.)Although I been thinking about going natural for a while now (possibly about 2yrs), I've just taken out my final transition weave so here we are. 

  • In my research I've found a lot of great stuff and I hope that if ur reading this you'll SUBSCRIBE and share ur thoughts with me too.

  • Also...I've started this blog as part of a larger project on black hair so any contributions or comments u have are all beneficial for my work. 

  • Feel free to contact me:

So please Subscribe, Share and Enjoy!

From Crystal Afro x


  1. I understand your frustrations. I have a few of my own. I braid or twist and band my hair everynight for my blow out. I went "heatless" recently and it's really helped a lot. two strand twists don't really work to well for my hair. my hair is just too soft and curly. i just look like i have a jheri curl when I take them down for a twist out.

  2. Yea, now I've tried a twistout on Non-blowdried hair, I realised it works better for me but the technique's still not perfect lol. You'll see in the photos LOL.


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