Monday, 31 January 2011

F*#K Facebook vs 1st Twistout

I've been trying to start up a Facebook page for Natural Hair but for some reason, they refuse to accept I'm a real person. Pissed! Ahh! Trying to document and share this natural hair thing is A Lot!
Learning to look after my hair is already a big job for me, let alone learning to take on technology.

Anyway, Washed my hair last night. 
Im trying to wash it at least twice a week from now on.
I didn't blow dry it, I let it dry naturally for the first time ever!
I tried the whole idea of locking in water moisture by, moisturising my hair with shea butter and olive oil after I finished washing my hair, as I was putting it into twists for the night.

Today I have my twist out style, it's finally worked BUT there is some SERIOUS Shrinkage! 
But Im gona try and work with it anyway. 
Luv Crystal 

My 1st twistout on Non-Blowdried Hair was better than the attepts on blowdried hair...

....But I still had a fair bit of frizz.


  1. i have major shrinkage issues...that's the main reason i don't often do it. i've hear that you can also braid your twists to stretch them. do a youtube search for "stretching twists". hope this helps.

  2. Yea my friend left a comment on the Crystal Afro Facebook page suggesting something similar. She said she starts with a plait and then twists them, to get mor length.
    Thanks Angel x


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