Saturday, 29 January 2011

4 Thoughts & More Questions

It's only Day 4 of being natural and I've realised a few things...
.......but they've all resulted in more Questions....

  1. In 4 days I've only managed to create 1 Style...
  2. I think I may have Blow-dried my hair too much cos it's kinda lacking tight coils...
  3. I've got A Lot of dry, split and dead straight Ends from when I used to texturise my hair....
  4. And ALSO.... I Plait and Cainrow Backwards!!

  • Q: I twist and plait my hair every night so why ain't my twistouts working in the morning??

  • Q: Should I have Blow-dried my hair after washing it and is that the reason my twistouts wont hold??
  • Q: What is the best way to moisturise daily and should I trim my ends myself or go to the hair dresser??
  • Q: How the Heck do you Cainrow and Plait the Right Way Around!!???
Look how bad some of my ends are!
If anyone can help by advising me how to look after my Natural Hair PLEASE gimme a Shout!!

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